Friday, March 27, 2009

Out like a Lamb?

At the beginning of the month, Michael Bloomberg said that March is a month that "Comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."  Now, I know that he was talking about the weather, and in this case he's not exactly wrong (he's not exactly right either), but, when applying this note to my life, it is totally wrong.  The end of March is pretty much beating the crap out of me.  And here's why...

I sent my graduate school applications on Wednesday.  They will be reaching their destinations tomorrow!  I spent several hours in the post office on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure the woman at the International Mail desk thought I was a moron.  No kidding.  This is what my afternoon sounded like:
"You have to buy an envelope" 
"You bought the wrong envelope" 
"You have to fill out these 6 forms"  
"You filled this form out wrong, you need to do it again"  
"This address doesn't exist"
"Do you have the phone number of this place?"
"You need to sign this" 
"You need to do this again"

SERIOUSLY.  Kill me.  However, my packages are on their way to Jolly Ol' England and should be arriving there sometime tomorrow.  My stomach just did a summersault.  Wowza.

Also occupying a large amount of my time is the Theatrix! 10-minute Play Festival, which opens this weekend. I've directed a 10-minute play by Shel Silverstein called One Tennis Shoe.  It is absolutely hilarious, my actors are fanTASTIC, and I'm really happy about it.  If you are in the New York area this weekend and feel like a free theatre experience, head on over to NYU.  It's pictured below.

Yeah, out like a lamb my ass, Bloomberg.


  1. Good luck with everything Grrrlll!!!

    PS I'm so following your blog

  2. You are SUCH a talented director. You rocked Theatrix!!

  3. I agree. March goes out like a bitch.

    Hooray for Theatrix!!!

  4. I am sorry I missed your show, but I heard it was GREAT. I am sure Erin is right and you ROCKED it!