Wednesday, October 24, 2012


There is a part of my personality, part of my thought processes, that is...obsessive. Once I get hooked on an idea I tend to replay it over and over again until I've seen it from every angle, until I've experienced the entire range of emotions that could be associated with it. Maybe it is more of an inquisitive mind thing, that I really want to fully understand something, even if that something can't be rationalized or fully understood. Either way, I'm sure it makes me a less fun roommate/friend because I just won't stop talking about something until I really get it. And that's when the people on my team step in, because they are the best.

I have to process things out loud. I have to hear other opinions and talk about my opinions, even if I am forming them in the split second before I voice them. My saintly mother knows all about this--I tend to call her multiple times over a series of days to talk through a problem or to make a plan. There is something about not only turning things over in my head but also testing them out on another person that helps me come to understand them.

My roommates (who are the best, you guys. THE BEST) have been dealing with this for the past day and a half (sorry, ladies). I've been obsessing about new information gleamed from the internet (which is, admittedly, not always a reliable source), examining it from every cringe-worthy angle, gaging advice and my own feelings by talking about it non-stop with them (and Kyla isn't even home, I've been texting her long tomes on the subject like a crazy person). They are two of the most intelligent, kick-ass gals I know and their advice is not only spot on but incredibly kind and super helpful. They listen to my ranting, spinning thought process with patience and then delicately (or not, which is the mark of a true friend I think) point out things I would have never seen on my own. I feel incredibly grateful to call them my friends and to have them in my corner, even if my corner sometimes feels a little Howard Hughes obsessive compulsive (minus the bottles of pee, I promise).

I hope everyone has people on their team, on their side, like the ones I have--ones that are kind and direct and intelligent and funny and caring and sage and ass kickers from way back. People who will tell you things you don't want to hear, and listen when you need to rant, and laugh at you for being crazy, and tell you it's going to be fine when you can't process anything else. It is truly a stroke of luck  that the people on my team are as tremendous as they are. So, to my people, you know who you are. And you are the best. Thanks for keeping my head on straight and telling me when I'm obsessing like a crazy person. You don't know how much I depend on your thoughts and opinions. I would be nowhere without you. I promise to do my best to be as good a team member for you as you are to me.

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