Friday, November 11, 2011

Moving On Up

11.11.11. Truthfully, I didn't plan for this to be the day for me to make such a huge step.  I guess fate stepped in and started steering the ship (or fate was steering the ship the whole time and I am just surfing along the waves it creates for me).  Either way, today will forever be an important day for me.  It is the day I started a new adventure.  It is the day I realized just exactly how many articles of clothing I had (I had a 3 box pipe dream that was quickly dashed when I discovered a long lost bag of sweaters).  It is the day that I finally pushed myself out of the nest.  It is the day I began my real renaissance.

It is strange, days like this don't often come up and introduce themselves.  Important days like the day you start on your own path seem to happen more spontaneously.  You usually don't get 6 weeks to roll every detail over in your mind.  They are usually only fully realized in hind sight.  And to be honest, I don't know if the extra time has made me any better prepared.  It is still going to be a scramble right up until the end (and beyond really, since banks aren't opened tomorrow).  But today I know that everything is going to be ok.  Today I actually feel calm and level headed.  Today I feel ready, even if my suitcase is not.

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  1. Cannot wait to have you sharing this wonderful city with us again. <3