Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yet Again

I should be writing for my Wednesday night sketch guys (formerly known as my Tuesday night sketch guys) but alas, all I can do is watch this...

...and listen to the Country Strong soundtrack over and over again.  I am such a girl.  But seriously, look at Garrett Hedlund's face.  Can you really blame me, blogosphere?

As a side note, I'm seriously thinking of embarking on a country music career.  Though, having grown up in California (and Northern California at that), I've only been to the South once (though it was Texas, so that's go to to count for something).  But they'll overlook that, right?  I mean, if Keith Urban can be a country music star and he's from Australia, I can too.  (Actually, thanks to the magic of wikipedia, I just found out he was born in New Zealand. NEW ZEALAND.  If a Kiwi can be a country star, so can a California girl.  Boom.  Decided.)

1 comment:

  1. Country music singers are beautiful storytellers. I'll jump on that bandwagon.