Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meet My New Friend

Lots people I know make lists of what they would like for Christmas, diligently writing out all their desires and turning it in like some sort of self-serving homework assignment--"These are the things you are allowed to buy me."  (though surely that is a gross generalization of the entire Christmas list process and not everyone goes into it like this.  For those of you who don't, I apologize for lumping you with all the other Christmas list makers)  In the Hill house we don't do this.  I literally can't remember a time that we ever made Christmas lists.  Instead we leave most of the present-giving up to chance and the other person's knowledge of the inner workings of your soul.  All 5 of us have lived under the same roof (as adults) for a while now (much to my chagrin, as you all well know), so we know that the other people in the house like.  Typically each person gets a "Big Gift" from "Santa" and then some smaller ones from other family members and the Holiday Armadillo (as a half Catholic, half Jew (or Cashew) we receive gifts from a number of holiday mascots).  This big gift is usually a big deal--the thing you've been wanting for the entire year.  Here is where the Christmas list idea comes into play--for the Big Gift, you are encouraged to make your wants known.  My brother wants a bike, he asks for a bike...a lot.  As a 20-something adult, I have sort of abandoned the Big Gift.  I generally have all the things I want or need, so it seems a little silly for me to ask for anything.  In fact, in years past I've asked my parents to forgo gift purchases in exchange for donations to Heifer International.  Last year they gave a goat and come chickens in my name.  It was awesome.

This year was no different.  The holiday season came around and there was nothing I really wanted.  So, I didn't ask for anything, figuring that my mom would find something silly and fantastic on her own (she once gave me a dulcimer as my big gift).  And in passing I mentioned to my little sister that I wanted to buy a ukulele, never expecting to find it under the tree on Christmas morning.  But, low and behold, Christmas morning came and there, sitting under the tree, was this new friend:

I haven't decided on a name for it but isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen?  It is comically tiny.  Add to it my gentleman sized hands (seriously, I have huge hands.  Ask anyone) and it is just about the silliest thing you've ever seen.  And.  I.  Love.  It.  I picked it up quickly and have been happily strumming away since the 25th.  I never thought I'd play one instrument, let alone two (here I'm using the very loose interpretation of the word "play").  But here she sits, all smiley and happy.  A happy Christmas indeed.

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