Thursday, May 20, 2010

Press Pause

It wasn't originally my intention to leave the last post up so long.  It was rather depressing, which is not how I want to have the blog look for long periods of time.  This blog is a place of rebirth, of discovery, a place of renewal expressed in pictures and the occasional ranting post.  I feel like this has gotten away from me a little bit.  I've been so caught up in work and the shows that I'm stage managing that I've become putting things up here robotically, which isn't what this place is for.  This place is for self-expression and reflection, to share the things I'm learning and occasionally the silliness of my brain.  It was never intended bring on stress or frustration.  I haven't felt really up to snuff lately, and for that I apologize.  We all go through times like this in our lives;  times when the path has become overgrown and hidden from us.  In these moments, it is our job to tend to the garden and work to clear the path, which takes time and energy.  Thus, I have decided to take a break from blogging for now.  I need to spend some time sitting with myself, listening to my body and my mind, finding the thing that makes my heart sing and my soul swell with happiness.  I need to clear the path.  I promise this won't be a long break, certainly not forever, but know that I'll be going radio silent for a while.  This is not a signal to abandon ship by any means, after all, who am I to quit just 3 posts (?) shy of my 100th?

So, dear blog friends, so long for now.  Catch you on the flippity flop.