Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Photo (Almost Not) Wednesday Installment...6?

Ok, I just double checked, this is definitely the 6th.  Wahoo!  Six!  That's, well, a lot plus it means I've been doing this silly project for 6 whole weeks, and that makes me feel like I've accomplished something, even if that thing is throwing my photos into the ether that is the internet.  Score one for me.

This week's Random Photo Installment is actually not very random and comes from the not very distant past (by which I mean over the weekend).  My beautiful, lovely friend Brooke texted me on Sunday afternoon, asking if I was up for a little coastal adventuring and I, being in love with the ocean, immediately jumped at the chance, even though it is a) barely Spring in California (read: a tid-bit nibbly outside) and b) at that point mid-afternoon.  Despite the late hour, the gods of Daylight Savings Time smiled down upon us and saw fit to give us an extra hour of sunlight for our little trip, so Brooke and I were able to leisurely make our way over to Santa Cruz and still have at least 4 hours of sunlight to enjoy.  And let me tell you, blogfriends.  It. Was. MAGICAL.  Santa Cruz was in rare form--the weather was absolutely perfect and sweater appropriate, there weren't a ton of people everywhere, everything was a vibrant, alive color.  And because of this (and the fact that Brooke, in the middle of my photo taking, asked if this would get to be a Random Photo Wednesday), here are pictures of my beautiful Sunday trip to the sea with a beautiful old friend.  Hope your week is grand.  If Spring has sprung in your area, for god's sake stop reading this, go outside and enjoy it! (Unless it is nighttime.  Then you might feel silly).

Proof that we do things together: Me and Brooke at West Cliff.

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