Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Sparkly Season is Here

I love Christmas time. I mean a lot. Everything about it is just magical and sparkly (and lord knows I love sparkly things). It is pretty amazing to me that my two West Coast transplant parents (they both grew up in New England), two people who disliked winter so much they moved 3,000 miles away, could raise 3 children who so thoroughly hate the heat. That's right, in a twist of fate straight out of a Shakespeare play (or something), my siblings and I, all California born and raised, hate the stupid California heat. Our love for cold is deep seated (and generally irrational because the coldest it gets in California ever is like 60 degrees). And one of my favorite features of cold weather is that it makes everything sparkly (a special shout out to the frost that showed up randomly 2 days ago). Here are just a few photos from my Christmas preparations. Happy and Merry, everyone!

Frosty California Morning

Happy Christmas Tree

Outside Lights (My mom chose blue ones this year. Weird, I know, but they actually do look awesome).

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