Sunday, December 6, 2009

7 Things...

Camilla over at Champagne Bubbles tagged me in a post called "show me 7 things in your house that really show who you are" and so I say to you, Camilla : CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Here are 7 images from my room (I live with my parents at the moment, so I tried to keep it to just my room) that, I hope, say a little about me... Enjoy!

Number 1: 3 Pencil Drawings by my mother.
My mom is an amazing artist, and I am fortunate enough to have several pieces of her art in my room. These 3 pencil drawings hang next to my bed and are not only beautiful to look at, but also tell beautiful stories.

Number 2: My bedside table.
I read...a lot. Many books and magazines at one time. My bedside table is covered with the things I am reading. I love this bedside table, so much that it is basically held together with duct tape (my brother is industrious). It is a happening part of my room.

Number 3: The Dollhouse
Many years ago my parents bought this dollhouse from the former headmaster of my elementary school and it quickly became one of our prized possessions. 3 stories, fully furnished, working lights. It is AMAZING.

Number 4: The 3 Cows, a painting by my mother.
The beautiful Sabrina Hill painted this for me for Christmas while I was in high school. I have loved cows for a long time and love having these three beauties watching over me.

Number 5: The masks in my closet.
This may sound like the beginning of some strange story, but I happen to have a lot of masks in my room, most of them of my own face. They are an interesting way to map my life and a fun way to see what I sort of mood I was in from one year to the next.

Number 6: Gnomie
Many years ago I was in a bad mood for one reason or another. My mother came home from running errands and called me into her room. "I have something for you," she said. She handed me this gnome. "Why?" I asked. "Because you were sad. I thought this would make you feel better," she told me. I've kept this gnome with me each time I have moved around the country. It always makes me smile, plus this gnome is standing next to a mushroom and holding a shovel so obviously he is awesome.

Number 7: My bed.
This is not only the center of my room but also the place where I spend a good deal of time--I read there, I write there, I play guitar there, I watch movies there. On there you'll see a zebra blanket, which may be the best, most snuggly blanket ever, a tiny stuffed cat, my companion for almost 2 decades (don't make fun, she is awesome), and my computer. All things I love, all things that are important to my every day function.

Hey, this was fun. So let's pass it on! I tag....

Rachel from Rachel Marie
and Annaleigh from Haply Here.

Go to, my friends. I can't wait to see your 7 things!


  1. i adore your things! i even remember some of them:) your mom's art is so beautiful...she's always been inspiring to me. i have weird flashbacks to doing crafts with her in your old home in san jose (i think it was there). btw, the photos are great. i love them.

  2. ok so i love your mom and her talent and i love gnomes. a bit obsessed......ran around like crazy trying to find that great gnome book. i even belong to the gnome fan club on facebook! and your photos are amazing....inspiring!!