Sunday, December 20, 2009

Words of Inspiration

If you have known me at all in the last almost 10 years, you know that I am a lover of musician Jason Mraz.  The man is so freaking lyrically gifted it sometimes seems unfair that the rest of the world lacks the ability to turn phrases like him.  No matter what my mood, no matter where I am in life, his music always finds a way to speak to me and soothe me.  It is an old kind-of-friendship that I cherish dearly, even if it seems childish at times (as do lots of things that you started to love when you were a tiny baby person).  I find myself particularly drawn to his musings as the holidays roll around and the new year is on the horizon, as I feel both grounded and aimlessly drifting.  I share some of his words today, stolen shamelessly from his blog, which I am a consistent reader.  May they speak to you as they spoke to me this morning.

"It is important for me--for know you are sourced. The minute we were conceived we became receivers and transmitters. We are connected to this world, this fantastic universe, and to each other. Our thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and attitudes are our tools to use to create the ideal life experience inside and out. My life currently, is a blessed one, simply because I choose life to work that way. I take notice of my doings, my wants, my dreams, and my concerns and simply declare a possible future where all is awesome. It’s that easy. Your life from that place onward will grow into the space you’ve created for yourself. If Awesome is what your aiming for, Awesome you will be. "


  1. Lets be awesome. Thank you for all of your love and support this past year. You have made such an impact on my life and happiness. it comforts me to know that you are always there to share ideas, dreams, and adventures with. You are an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING person and I can't wait to see all that comes in the next year.

  2. such a beautiful quote. and i love your banner- the photo is stunning!