Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soul Food

What a terrible blogger I have been! I just looked and the last thing I posted was almost a month ago. LAME. Lord knows I haven't been so busy that I can't keep this thing current. Apologies, dear reader. It was not very friendly of me to ignore our relationship for so long. Lord knows that I get irritated when blogs I read often are not updated for extended periods of time. I wish I could say that I have been busy renaissance-ing (yes, it is now a word) but alas, that is mostly untrue. These days I have been passing my "funemployment"** by spending time with college friends. Emily, Rachel, Cera and Nick, not to mention Steve and Hilary have all helped me pass this unemployed time and I couldn't be more grateful. Just take a look at the ways I've been keeping busy below:

Monterey, CA (there are things in the ocean!)

Happy Birthday, Cera!

New guitar (finally)!

Ah yes, my new guitar. That's pretty renaissance-y (yet another new world. Quite the wordsmith am I, right?). After years of having a guitar that was never exactly right (too big, not all steel strings like I wanted, neck too skinny for my giant fingers), I decided to sell it and buy a new one, which is all black and shiny and acoustic/electric and AWESOME. With all the running around I've been doing I haven't really had the chance to play with it much, but the little I have done has been GLORIOUS. It does exactly what I want it to do (and never talks back). It's the best boyfriend ever, pretty much.

PLUS, it really helps when I am jammin' with my band. Yep, you read that right. BAND. I'm in one. It's just a low-key folk outfit made up of me and two other fantastic ladies. Check us out on Facebook, become a fan and gain access to all kinds of instant updates. Who knows what will happen with this group. Right now, it is just unbelievably fun to get to sing and play and harmonize with these ladies once a week. This aspect of my renaissance is definitely good for the soul. For me, singing is the soul-nurturing equivalent of taking a nice, long, hot bubble bath or being on the receiving end of bear hug. I can already feel my spirit thanking me.

So, dear reader, riddle me this--what makes you feel this way?

**A brief rant on this word. What the hell is up with it anyway? "Funemployment"? Really? In my mind unemployment rarely equals fun. Mostly, unemployment = confusion and stress because I have no job yet continue to have to spend money on silly things like food and, well, fun. Damn you, Recession. Turn around, Economy! I'm super ready for it to be less difficult to find a job, thank you very much.

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