Monday, March 9, 2009

I am a rock, I am an island

I'm an island. I'm floating in an internet-less sea. And it SUCKS. A lot. The internet in my apartment is broken for god only knows what reason and I can't fix it. In some sort of comical telephone nightmare, I can't call the East Coast branch of my internet provider. I actually have to call the Bay Area number (which is actually the billing number), which connects me to a different service provider and then they have to connect me to the East Coast where someone gets on the phone and tells me that they can't fix anything. And that's when I begin to cry...Seriously, I feel like I'm in some sort of terrible comedy vacuum. Ugh.

So that explains my lack of blogging. That and there hasn't been anything very exciting to report. I stage managed a production of The Sound of Music at the school I am teaching at, which was insanity. Think on this: 65 students, ages 10-18, one stage constructed in the middle of a 200 year old Quaker meeting house, a set that I couldn't figure out how to move if my life depended on it, and me, standing in the middle of it all, attempting to organize it in hushed tones. Absolute insanity, let me tell you. The show went great, I haven't been that tired in a long time, and I remembered all the reasons why I want to be a director and not a stage manager.

Speaking of directing, I am about a week away from sending out my graduate school applications. I don't know if I mentioned the specific programs before. I'm applying to two MA in Theatre Directing programs and two MFA in Theatre Directing programs (the real program titles are much more complicated than Theatre Practice with an emphasis in blah blah blah) in the UK and the applications are...confusing. Seriously, we all speak English and yet the British university applications have words like "module" in them, which I don't really know the definition of. Plus, the essay questions could be a little more vague. I mean, honestly, telling me to defend my application with no indication of length or desired content is lame. All four of my applications will be sent out by next Monday, so I'll keep y'all updated.

Hopefully I'll have fun, exciting things to report on soon. Until then, do yourself a favor and watch The West Wing. Due to my lack of internet (and my apartment's lack of TV), I've been re-watching a lot of things, one of which is The West Wing. It is usually my show of choice when writing papers and such, since the eloquent language is inspiring and almost like music. I've watched the 1st through 4th seasons dozens of times (an understatement to be sure), but it still has the power to make me both laugh and cry. For a taste of television genius, watch Season Two, the episode entitled "Noel." BRILLIANT.

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