Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It Gives You Wings

I feel like this might be self explanatory, but for those of you who don't love Liza as I do (and shame on you, by the way)....I am heading to my beloved NYC tonight after a YEAR long absence!  Yes, it is true (and I can't believe it), I haven't been back in a year (and 17 days...but who's counting...).  I am so unbelievably excited I am actually bursting at the seams.  My happiness cup overfloweth.

As my darling friend Rachel, who shall also be in NYC this weekend (thank god), said, "I'm going to hug everyone... and I mean the whole city."  I hear ya, Rach.  It is going to be the most glorious home-away-from-homecoming that has ever happened.  Ever. So watch out, New York (and everyone in it), I'm a'coming.  And I've missed you terribly.

For those of you non-Liza fans (I can't believe any of you could be, but who knows) who chose to skip the video, I encourage you to watch it in its entirety.  Not only does she kill it at 2:07, she also does at 2:50... and 3:40.  Seriously, goosebumps abounding, I pinky promise.

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