Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Transitive Property Street Cred

As we are all well aware, I am just not that cool.  No no, I'm not saying this so someone comments with something ego-stroking, it is mostly true.  If you are a 7 year old, I'm extra cool, but for a 23 year old, I would rather stay home and watch The Big Bang Theory than go out and get shwasted every single night and not remember any of it or go to a club and get grinded up on by random people.  Let me put it to you another way, bouncers don't know me, if and when I approach them, they look at me with a question mark imbedded on their face.  It is almost amusing to watch, let me tell you.

The actual point of me ranting away about coolness is to mention that everyone should check out the new album by a band called Hetch Hetchy.  They are AWESOME.  Seriously, download their album today.  You won't regret it (and you can get it for free free free, which makes them extra awesome).  Go to: http://hetchhetchy.bandcamp.com/  If you like it, spread the word.  These guys absolutely deserve some buzz.  

the album cover for Hetch Hetchy's new record, Glen Worple.
nicked from here.

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  1. i comment for 2 reasons, 1.) I REALLY like the picture of Marv in the field, very Claude Monet, and 2.) to confirm that you are very uncool...