Monday, October 25, 2010

Well hello, Fall

I am in love with this week already.  The weather is finally crisp enough for boots and my red beret that I've had since I was 5 (no joke, it is awesome) PLUS, as a life long theatre artist, I love any excuse to put on a costume, and the knowing that Halloween is this weekend makes me giddy in anticipation.  Fall is here and things are magical already.  Seriously, just look at these photos.  Don't they make you want to make a cup of hot chocolate, climb under a blanket and read Jane Austen?  Nobody?  Just me?  Ah well...

Here are my plans for this week (I love lists):

  • Finish a blasted study guide that should have been done weeks ago.  Ugh, procrastination
  • Play the guitar/prep for my writing group on Tuesday.
  • Finish decorating our house for Halloween (pictures to follow).
  • Have dinner with some old friends.
  • Hire 15 actors for next week.  Oy.
  • Purchase scotchy scotch scotch for Saturday.
  • Finish putting together my costume for Saturday (which will involve the purchase of some pretty fantastic mustaches).

I hope everyone has fantastic plans for this pre-Halloween week.  Do something snuggly, the weather is absolutely perfect for it.


  1. scotchy scotch scotch. uh oh.

    i love your red beret and i love this weather too.
    jane austen under a blanket + hot chocolate (homemade marshmallows? what?), yes please!

  2. I have a comment about an addition to your list would you like to hear it? Also, I had a dream last night that all the ed theatre ladies were staying on a hotel that was a boat.

  3. is it funny that i think i remember that red beret?
    my sister had a leopard beret in second grade that i recently found and am trying to make work with a dinner dat outfit. i have to squish my head into it and i get a headache but whatever.
    ps: i'm excited to hear about your halloween costume. you always have the best ideas...