Monday, June 20, 2011

Check In

Boats in SF with the Golden Gate in the background.
Summer has officially started here in California.  How do I know?  Well, first of all the temperature has finally reached what we Californians like to call "normal" but everyone else might refer to as "nice" or "warm".  The sun is shining, my tan is actually a thing (as opposed to something imaginary), things are lovely.  I also know it is Summer because last night I packed up all of my circus supplies so I can spend my morning teaching tiny people how to juggle and spin things.  I love this time of year.  Yes, I am absolutely a lover of fall and winter (I love sweaters), but there is something magical about the summertime.  It makes me want to go outside and hang out with nature.  I love leaving the doors and windows open in the afternoon and just listening.  The creek that runs behind my house is teaming with frogs, and they croak their little songs day in and day out, so much that I sometimes forget, as I sit in my living room with the sliding glass door open, that I am living in the suburbs.  That 3 blocks away is a CVS and a Safeway and a spa for my pet.  And this thought brings me peace.

Summer is going to be busy and exciting for me.  Lots of projects:

~I'm doing a bunch of sporadic circus teaching.  AWESOME.

~I am working on a great article for The Violet that I'm stoked on.


~I'm so happy to announce that I'm working on another magazine project with two rediscovered friends called Atom Magazine.
Truthfully, guys, this thing is going to be UNREAL.  The content we have is just amazing and I'm so excited to share more with everyone.  There is a big focus on art in many forms--short fiction, essays, photography, pen and ink drawings--and all of the artists that we are working with are absolutely fantastic.  Seriously, I'm so incredibly excited about this mag,  I can't even tell you.  Check it out here:  And keep checking back for more information about our first issue, out at the end of July (it'll even be available in print!).

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