Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Preview of Coming Attractions

I'm back!  Chicago was magical and fantastic and just the best vacation I could have imagined.  Now that I have returned, things have shifted into high gear once again and I'm running all over the place.  I have about 6048349232 blog ideas floating around in my head, so once I get a chance to actually sit at the computer for an extended period of time, I'll share them with you.  Here's a sneak peak of some of the things I'm musing about in my head:

  • My little brother (he's not very little, he's 6'2") turns 21 today.  WHAT?!  Surely there will be photos to follow.
  • I actually really love my job (what? shocker, I know).  I mean actually really like it.  Crazytown.
  • I have commitment issues (waah waah).  Mostly, this is about projects I start and then never seem to finish *ahem The Gauntlet ahem*, which is super lame of me and I need to change.
  • Windy City Recap and picture sharing.
So, as you can see, tons of good stuff coming down the pike.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates.  Here's a little picture to hold you over in the mean time.  It is from my Chicago trip, where we took an architectural boat tour and saw the building where Abraham Lincoln announced his candidacy for president.  Awesome, right?

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