Monday, June 28, 2010

Yes, My Mother is an Artist

Today's edition of "The Gauntlet" is in honor of my mother, who is a visual artist at her very core, even when she is, say, eating almonds.  She is creative and a little bit obsessive compulsive but simultaneously (and those of you who have met her can attest to this) one of the most intelligent, sparkly, strong, ridiculously talented women in the entire world.  I feel honored to call her my mother and even more honored to be able to laugh with her every single day.  Here's to you, Mav. 


  1. i adore your wonderful mom and wish i could spend more time with her FUNNY x10....... talented x20.......... you r lucky to have her as your mom.
    hug her for me!!!!!!!!!oh she made very interesting talented kids too..