Friday, June 18, 2010

The Gauntlet Day 3--Matil!

Here be the photo for Day 3 of The Gauntlet. (Like how I am capitalizing both "the" and "gauntlet"?  Let me be clear I draw no ties to the MTV Real World/Road Rules reality show throw down of a similar name.  I mean, how could one compete with such excellent and compelling programming?  And the stories? Do I hear Emmy?)  Anyway, today's photo is a series of my (my family's, really) dog, Matilda.  She may be the greatest, most funniest dog in the history of dogs.  Ask people who have met her.  She is HILARIOUS.  For example, no matter where you are in relation to here when, say, sitting on the couch, she will find a way to make her butt touch your butt.  For. Reals.  Butts. Always. Touching.  Who does that?  My dog, that's who.  Check her glorious face (processed, clearly, through Photo Booth on my MacBook):

Yes, I do realize that 3 of these series of 4 are the same.  It is because she is quite statuesque.  

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  1. I'm super shocked that the Gauntlet never won an Emmy. Also her butt touch situation is really uncanny. Matilda can find a butt from a million miles away!