Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, I suck.

Again with the almost Friday Random Photo Wednesday.  Damn it.  I even thought up a contingency plan just in case my week went all to hell and then---nothing.  Waah waah.  Anywho...I am SO excited about the photos I am sharing this week.  They come from this past summer, at my summer job.  In true theatre arts fashion, my summer job is super random and has equipped me with set of skills that are, well, super random.  Yes, that's right my friends, I have spent the past two summers at...CIRCUS CAMP.  Yep.  My job literally involved teaching myself how to juggle, and spinning plates all day long, all the while wrangling some squirrelly 7-14 year olds and stage managing/running lights/handling all the first aid situations that come up when you have a cavernous room with cement floors, 30 kids and giant wooden balls.  Here are some pictures of various shenanigans from my fantastical summer life.  And, while a large part of me is glad that I won't be spending this summer in workout attire, a teensy part of me is going to miss that wacky circus world.  Happy not-Wednesday Random Photo Day.

P.S. Thanks so much to my friend Camilla, who posted my "When I Grow Up" list on her blog this week.  Camilla and I have been friends for 60000 years.  It's true, you'd never know by looking at her, but Camilla is in fact 60023 years old.

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  1. ahahha. yes its true. for my age, i'm lookin pretty good.

    and i LOVED your list!!!