Monday, July 6, 2009

How I Spend My Summer "Vacation"

All of these were made in our hotel room.  In Texas.  In the heat.  292 of them.  INTENSE.
Greetings!  My Texas recap is far from being complete, but I'm finding myself uninspired to describe it adequately.  Maybe it was too much of me to ask of myself to recap such a fantastic weekend with beautiful friends and a glorious wedding.  Certainly the blogosphere isn't hurtin' from me not telling my Texas tale.  So for now I'll leave the story where it stands, with NASA and waffles, two of my favorite events of the weekend.  When I'm feeling adequately inspired perhaps I'll try again to describe the other days.  For now, dear reader (at least I'm pretty sure there is at least one of you), just know that Texas was awesome, but I won't be moving there any time soon.

A friend came to visit me at "work" the other day and I realized that my job is sort of crazy.  For 8 weeks each summer, I work at circus camp.  Yes, you heard right, CIRCUS camp.  I get to wear yoga pants and no shoes all summer and pretty much just play with little kids.  Pretty much every day I get to do job "development" i.e. teach my self some circus skills.  Last summer it was plate spinning, this summer it is juggling.  And then, every other Friday, we put up a show and I get to play in a multimillion dollar theatre facility and run it pretty much however I want.  My job is silly...and AWESOME.  And while working with kids day in and day out isn't what I want to do forever, I do love the work I do.  I mean, seriously, look below.  This is what my summers look like:

Not a bad way to spend your time, yeah?


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS! I WANT TO COME VISIT YOU AT WORK!!!! and I feel ya with the Texas recap, I just can't do it... :-). I'm getting on the CD exchange it just the two of us!?

  2. I want to work at a circus camp! That sounds awesome. I actually just taught my campers a juggling workshop earlier this week!