Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deep Knee Bends

Yes, dear friends, after a lengthy absence (2 whole weeks! Shocking!) I have returned to the blogosphere. Indeed, I am back to tell you that... absolutely NOTHING is going on. Ok, not nothing, I am knee deep in broadway camp and things are going...well, they are going. I'm exhausted generally, which is mostly due to the mental exercise that comes with thinking on your feet--I am feeling very Anne Bogart, continually jumping in without a clue as to what I am going to come up with until I get there. It is big fun for me (though I don't think my campers are big fans). Let's just say, I am feeling a good kind of tired right now (ok, not right now, right now my tired is more late-night induced thanks to some old friends. Thanks a lot, guys. My only comfort is knowing that y'all are hurtin' WAY more than I am right now). Anyway, I am the kind of tired that comes with exercising creative muscles that have been dormant for a while. It's like lunges for your brain--it hurts so good.

In addition to working in a familiar medium, I have been doing some work in some (ok, one) unfamiliar medium as well. My especially fantastic mother and her business partner are event planners and authors, and for their most recent article for M Magazine I was asked to take pictures. I've got to say, being billed as a contributing photographer for a magazine is pretty cool.

Yes, I took this picture. Yes, it appeared in a magazine. Yes, I am gloating.

In addition to this, my brother (an amazing photographer even though he's only had his own camera for like 8 days...jerk) and I did another photo shoot for my mom today for the October issue of M Magazine. Yeah, it was a little weird to be doing a Halloween themed dinner party in July, but the pictures were really cool. I mean, who doesn't like things that are neon green?

Anyway, the point of this post, besides the gloating? (Again, sorry for being so gloaty) To tell you, my friends, nay, to ENCOURAGE you to find ways to exercise the creative part of your brain, even if the ways you do it are out of the ordinary (or out of your ordinary behavior). Mental deep knee bends (or lunges, if that's the way you roll) may be painful (brain sweat is, well, creepy...and awesome) or exhausting, but in the end you absolutely won't regret it.

P.S. EDTHR friends have been on my mind a lot lately. Miss you all times a thousand. Big love from California.


  1. you big gloating gloater lol congratulations! looks like fun! You wanna make me unpack my Bogart book. the most creative thing i have been doing is picking out furniture. love and miss you!

  2. I love Neon green things. A lot. Almost as much as you. Almost.

    iChat is the best thing ever. All my love, lovey.