Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm done with college, I might as well do some school work

Having completed all of my work for my undergraduate degree (!), I have begun focusing more on my graduate school plans.  As part of my graduate school "interview" (which, oddly enough, doesn't actually contain an interview at all), I created a 2 minute performance piece in response to one of Aesop's fables.  If you aren't familiar with Aesop's fables, I suggest you go out and purchase a copy right this minute.  They literally cost $2 (being dead for 2,000 years, Aesop is no longer pulling in royalties from his fact, he might not have even been a real guy, so he doesn't get any money) and they are super fast to read.  Each fable is a short story PLUS a moral--it's better than a 2-for-1 Vegas buffet! (or Boo-fay, as my grandmother would say)  Enrich yourself.  Laugh your head off.  Buy these fables.

I chose to focus on the moral of The Eagle and The Arrow, which basically says that we often supply the means for our own destruction.  Below is part of the video of my piece (there are 30 more minutes of me working with the actors...too much fun for the internets for sure).  My beautiful and superbly talented friends Kyle and Annaleigh are the actors and they are just glorious.  Not many people could do what they did in a half an hour.  Special props to Marissa, who did some excellent camera work and really made the video what it is :)

Sadly, I am having lots of trouble finding a song to go in the background of this piece, so no worries about having the volume up or anything (though if you have a suggestion, I would love to here it). Annaleigh is the only one with a line, and it comes at the end of the piece quite randomly, I think.  If only we'd had 5 more minutes, it probably wouldn't end so strangely.  Alas, that was all the time I was alloted.  So, here it is.  Enjoy!


  1. Omg i love it!! Annaleigh and Kyle are sooooo good!! im gunna miss doing these pieces with you guys :(
    Its kinda cool without music...haha- like the slapping of the floor and the breathing...but if you need music. perhaps some sort of African drum beat? The movement is abrupt and strong...which is kinda like African dance. or you could do classical...something without words.

  2. Rich Man's Frug? "Sweet Charity"

  3. Mmmm...whatchya saaaaaay...mmmmm...that you only meant wellll...well of course ya diiid...