Friday, May 22, 2009

Ain't No Party Like My Nana's Tea Party

Somewhere over California
I'm a college grad!  Yay!  Certainly it isn't official until my diploma arrives in the mail but for the interim period until it arrives I'll be taking full advantage of my boasting-because-I-completed-college privileges.  So, sorry, blogosphere, because you have to receive the brunt of my gloatiness. 

I'm sure many of you are wondering (because we are SO interesting), what does the life of a recent college grad entail?  Well, let me tell you--in the past week I've:

1) returned to a house that previously I'd only spent 3 days in.
2) slept in like it was my job (which wasn't the plan and for which I now feel guilty). 
3) left my house and went on a trip.  

Yes, that's right, no more than 72 hours after returned home I left again, this time for the warmth of southern California and Occidental College's graduation ceremony.  Lucky for me, all of those typical college experiences I'd been missing over the last four years (it's sort of hard to have a house party when no one at your college lives in a house) were taken care of this past weekend.  And do you know what knowledge I've come away with? (yes, even after college I'm still hungry for the learnin'):


Seriously, I am.  At almost 22 years old, I am over the hill.  I mean, first it's the knee thing, which, if you've spent about 8 minutes with me in any sort of stair environment in the last 8 or so years, you are aware of my unfortunate arthritis situation.  Yes, that's right.  ARTHRITIS.  Old Lady.  Then, the fact that lately, if it hits anything past 12 am, I pretty much am useless and mostly am thinking about pajamas and my bed (get your mind out of the gutter, you).  Old Lady.  And lately, strangely enough, after the passing-out-early thing there is the waking-up-early thing, a trait most elderly people also seem to possess (why in the world would you wake up at 7am if you have nothing to do during the day?  I don't get it).  Not to mention the fact that I am social inept at all those typical college things like house parties (sorry for strapping you with my lameness, Hil).  Old Lady Old Lady Old Lady.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my old lady status (ok, I don't love the arthritis, but other than that it's not so bad).  And as far as the "classic" college stuff goes, I wouldn't trade it for any of my experiences at NYU (ok, maybe I would trade PAWC.  But other than that...).  I'm not that Animal House kind of college girl.  I'm the kind of college kid who would rather watch The West Wing (or Gilmore Girls, if I'm being honest) and order take out with friends than go out to a club or a bar.  I always have been.  And I do enjoy some of the classic college things on occasion (anyone who knows what The Bank is knows what these things are).  But usually I measure the way I spend my free time like this--if my sister couldn't come with, it's probably not my favorite thing in the world.

So for now (especially during the summer when my friends are far and wide), I'm embracing my old lady nature.  Worst comes to worst I'll say it's my homage to Bea Arthur.


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  2. This is why we are friends. I'll wear a moo moo and watch the birds with you any day lol

  3. Does this mean you're like Benjamin Button and you'll get younger as everyone else gets older? You'll be going to keggers at 82... can't wait.