Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Building an Umbrella

I don't know why I am surprised that I am upset right now.  Really, I did this to myself.  But STILL.  Still, I just spent the last 5 minutes yelling at my computer.  And here's why:

Seriously?  Seriously, Bill O'Reilly?  She shouldn't be penalized for answer?  Isn't that why they have the question portion of the Miss USA pageant?  Other people lose points for their answers too.  Just think about that chick who went on and on about "the Iraq".  Sure, she has a right to freely express her opinion.  But so do the judges of the pageant and if that means they vote against her for her answer to the question, that's their right too.  So, Bill O'Reilly, if you want to point out "threats" to freedom of speech, do it.  But don't pick and choose only the ones that fit in your narrow view of what is "right" and "good."  Plus, the way Bill O'Reilly says "gay" is awful.

I could go on and on about this, but I worry my brain might explode.  Intolerance absolutely infuriates me.  Maybe we should build a giant intolerance-repellent umbrella?

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