Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Photo Day--the Watergate Edition

*expletive deleted* it, I can't believe it's actually Sunday!  This *expletive deleted* Random Photo post comes 5 whole days late.  Ugh Ugh Ugh.  Super lame.  I wish I had an interesting excuse, like I was participating in some sort of heroic rescue mission through the forest for a wayward puppy but alas, I was just *expletive deleted* exhausted from a long week of work.  This week of work has been...trying.  And the more work I did, the more tired I got and the more tired I felt the more angry and indignant I became and the more indignant I became the more tired I felt and on and on in a great big *expletive deleted* circle.  Just to put things in perspective, this is what my week felt like:

Let me also say, before we get to the photos (oh yes, there will be photos) that Timothy Busfield is completely correct when he says that despite the crappy show (or in my case the exhausting week), "It beats digging a hole for a living."  Oh, Aaron Sorkin, you know just how to speak to my heart.  

These photos speak to my heart too:

So, what have I learned this week?  Just be happy, my blogosphere friends. *expletive deleted*, it could be worse...


  1. well even though u had a bad working week you made me happy seeing my objects.......... thanks ! hope next week is better.... its hard to get the hang of a work week....keep up with the wonderful photos , they have go to make bad days better.XOXO