Sunday, November 8, 2009

I left my heart in New York City

Go here first and have this playing while you read

I have literally opened blogger about 10 times since I returned from NYC, fully intending to write a recap of my trip (which was amazingly excellent, by the way) but I can never seem to find the best way to write about it. Each of my 3.5 days there was so fantastic that it is hard to condense each one into any sort of bite sized piece to share with you....

Ah ha! Here is what I'll do, I'll make a list of things from my trip. That's bite sized enough, yes?

Friday--Slept heavily (damn you, red eye flight!), then met with my dear friend Kyle. We basically held hands and skipped about the city for a couple of hours before finally heading to one of our favorite restaurants, Benny's, to meet Marissa, another dear dear friend. Margaritas + beautiful friends = (see below)

Saturday--Brunch with my lovelies from Ed. Theatre at Kitchenette. At this point, I'm pretty sure my heart had swelled to 6 times its original size I was so happy. I mean, look at them, wouldn't you be happy to be surrounded by such lovely ladies?

photo from Erin Phraner

Saturday Night--Dean arrives, my life is complete. Heart size= 20. It's hard to describe in words how perfect Halloween ended up being. This is the best way I can describe it:

Yeah, it was that awesome.

Sunday--From here on out, there were no photos taken. Not that there weren't photo worthy things these two days, but because Sunday (and Monday too) was the hardest day of my trip and therefore something I will play close to the chest. I'll say this: I spent Sunday with Kyle and Marissa, we ate amazing food, cried, and laughed at Marissa dancing throughout the day. It was as good of a day as it could have been, and I feel grateful that I got to spend it with those two amazingly beautiful people.

Marissa and I saw a production of Our Town that night, and it basically re-instilled my belief in theatre. If you are in the NYC area, get your tickets. Barrow Street Theatre in the West Village.

Not the best photo of the production, but still awesome.

Monday--A solemn day, certainly, and also the day I left. The morning was spent meeting with my advisor, Nan (who set me straight, just like she always does), and then walking around the city with Marissa, buying various things and enjoying each other's company. It was really hard to leave. I mean REALLY hard. But I figured out a lot of things while I was there, the most major one being that I have to move back sometime in the next few months. So, big things to come, certainly.

Ok, final recap of last weekend:
Number of AMAZING meals: 5
Number of hours spent with Marissa (and everyone else, to be honest): too few
Number of hugs: in the millions, certainly
Sizes my heart grew: 50

A very good weekend.


  1. um HELLO....if you move back to NYC - i am ABSOLUTELY coming for a visit :)

  2. I never thanked you for that challenging Sunday. Not that I have to - because I know people who care so deeply do such things for each other, no questions asked. But I am so happy fate put you within arms length that day. Love you like crazy.