Friday, October 23, 2009

New Rules

Before you do anything, turn the speakers up on your computer. Have pesky roommates? Headphones, my friend. That's how I got through my first year of college. Put them on right now. If you have a fancy music system of some kind, crank that shit up. Now, press play on the above video. Watching the video is less important (though insanely adorable. The dog and the pregnant woman are my favorites). You can come back and read this after you've started it. Go Go.

Welcome back. Now, why all the directions you ask? Well I've come to the realization that in the next few months I am going to be directing a very little bit. I've come to terms with this conclusion, so don't be sad for me. I'm finding new little ways to stretch my directorial muscles and you, dear reader, are my test subject. Exciting, no? Test Number 1, because directors are in charge of molding your experience as you view their work, is trying to better mold the experience of those who read this blog. In fact, Test Number 1 is an attempt to make each time you read this blog a fully, sensory experience by including little fun instructions at the beginning of the post. Ok, instructions not the right term for what I am asking you to do because certainly you are welcome to ignore them. Suggestions? That might be a better term for the new direction I have decided to give this little bliggaty blog. With this in mind, I suggest that we make a pact, you and I. A virtual handshake of sorts. We (that's you and me) will try, to the best of our ability, to participate in each blog post, whatever that entails. For me, it is including experience-rounding suggestions, and for you it is following these suggestions to the best of your ability. Deal? DEAL. Awesome.

You will be noticing a few new things here. First, of course, is what you are listening to. Think of it as a blog entry for your ears. With any luck, things like this will be included with each post to better round out each time you visit this blog. Plus, hopefully, you'll hear something new you like. Second is to the right of the page, just after the blogroll. Here you'll find images that I have taken recently that I am particularly fond of or photographs I am drawn to. I collect images, something I learned from my mother, and so my computer is literally overflowing with pictures that I find interesting but that no one ever sees (sometimes including me). This is unfair to these beautiful snapshots and so I will be sharing them as often as I can. Right now, all the images to the right are my own, but a lot of the time they will be from outside sources, which I promise to note when they go up (Hopefully I can remember where they are from. I have been collecting for quite a while now).

I'm going to try to stretch the artistic limits of the blog medium as I figure out how to work things (my computer learning curve is, well, slower than the average bear). For now, thank you for entering into this agreement with me. I'm pretty stoked on this new direction. Now go enjoy the video. It really is adorable.

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  1. Suggesting the thought, which is, Directors can Not be passive-aggressive.
    Looking forward with what you do next!